Getting close

It’s another day of sitting here, at the same desk I’ve been at for over four years, thinking about how slowly I do things. I cannot wait to get out of this place. To finish my ultimate goal and get out.

Procrastinating by writing about procrastinating – that’s not a new one, but it’s still pretty ludicrous.


A return to blogging

It’s been some time since I blogged – I thought I’d have more time once I finished a few major projects, but it turns out that to finish major projects you actually have to work at them.

So, here I am, unfinished, under blogged and overwhelmed.

Day 4: How do I feel today

I’m totally going to fail my challenge this fine day, dear readers.

I can’t do this in one word because quite frankly, how do I feel today?


Nailed some really difficult stuff today and I’m ecstatic! So confident, in fact, that I even thought I’d try my hand at a wee sketch for you all:

Yes, that’s right – I always have several pens in my lab coat pocket, and I currently feel like the Lab Queen!

Of course, tomorrow I’ll probably fuck up but hey – they can’t take that away from me right now, heheheheheheheheheĀ  šŸ™‚


Lost and found

So, we found a wallet at work today. Dropped under the seat in the waiting room by an elderly patient.

I suggested we open the wallet, check the driver’s id and cross-reference it to the patient list so we could ring the person.

I was accused of:

  1. Being nosy.
  2. Invading people’s privacy.
  3. Being rude.
  4. Being “young”.
  5. Being too impulsive.

Are you serious? I mean, what the heck?

What are you supposed to do?????? (Angry question marks!) Have I been breaking some major wallet etiquette all my adult life? Can you imagine losing your wallet and never finding it because some total numpty refused to open it in order to protect your “privacy”.


The ludicrous thing was that I was the only person in a room of 5 that thought this was odd. Then they spent 30 minutes alternating between berating me and condescending to me.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that the roof did not lift clean off with the force of my eye rolls.