Bits and bobs

I’m going to a citizenship application meeting this morning. I’ve been living in NZ for 9 years and I’ll finally be applying to be a New Zealander. I’m actually surprised at how nervous I am – I have everything in a neat folder and I specifically tried to dress like a responsible citizen (Hot pants: check, Bandeau top: check – no, wait, what?) even though it took me a few minutes to work out what the hell a responsible citizen looks like. I settled on a knee length black dress and flats – in hindsight I look like a Primary School teacher. Victory! (I think.) I still think they’re going to take one look at me and laugh for about a minute, then kick me out. Deportation will most likely follow. That’ll suck. 

Prepare yourselves for my next post to be from the airport Departure Lounge – if I’m even allowed internet access.

So, I’m a bridesmaid for a wedding next week. The Hen’s Night is this weekend. I’ve never planned anything of the sort and I always thought I’d prefer the restrained sort of Hen’s, you know maybe a quiet Wine Trail or an afternoon at the spa or something along those lines.

So far we’ve got a party bus and a male stripper for her. It’s been heaps of fun! I’m starting to rethink my image of the perfect Hen’s party and I think I’m going to have to go with something a little bit dirty and fun rather than mild and ‘sophisticated’. I’ve even spent hours cutting and folding little printable gable boxes I got from Etsy (The Posh Event! Check them out!) that we’re filling with pre-made shots and penis whistles for the guests to go with the pink and black theme.


I really hope she loves it and has the best day – but I also hope someone goes to this much effort for me one day. How do you drop hints about something like that?

‘Hey, you guys, see all the meticulous cutting and folding I’m doing? Pay attention.’ *snaps fingers*



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