Where’s the summer gone?

It’s about 11 days into the official start of autumn and I’m freezing my little butt off. I’m wearing my “Hoodies for your feet” and so we’re starting ourselves what promises to be an epic winter! Image

The next plan in the do-up is to get some curtains – we have some very large beautiful windows with barely anything covering them which made heating the house up in the winter very difficult last year – I don’t want that to happen again this year. I don’t want to approach the process of showering with a heart filled with terror because taking my clothes off in this ice box is painful, you know? Curtains, however, are not cheap at all! Hopefully we can find something attractive, durable and thermal in the next few months!

The week back at work after being on holiday was hell, pure and simple. I’m pretty much putting my head down from here on out and just working on finishing this PhD so I can be done with it. It’s no longer enjoyable – it’s just hard slog and it’s time to move on.

So, major things to complete this year: thesis, house.

Major things to keep this year: sanity.

Things aren’t looking good from this angle at the moment but there aren’t any options from either perspective so fingers crossed we pull it off! After we’ve done that we’ll be commitment free and ready to go so hopefully we can start doing something fresh and exciting – I mean we’re in our 20s, why are we tied down???


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