Monday, Monday, so good to me….

Does everyone hate Mondays? It feels like such a cliche to hate it. Monday probably sits there and gets a bit shitty with the other days of the week, has a slight weep in his weaker moments, even. When it goes on holiday it bonds with Islamic country Sundays probably, muttering together in the corner about the unfairness of it all and about how people constantly curse their names.

I mean, it’s not his fault but it’s true that by Sunday afternoon a feeling of dread creeps up over my shoulders. I start counting down the hours left and regretting those wasted. I think about every moment that I didn’t relax or enjoy myself and thereby ruin the moments I have left.

What a pain in the ass I am! It’s such an easy day to put a damper on the past, make your present gloomy and potentially completely miss some fabulous opportunities in the future with a cranky attitude.

I’ve never really thought about whether I’m a glass-half-full/ glass-half-empty type of person but judging by the attitudes displayed above surely I’m a glass-half-empty? Presumably, logically, Monday shouldn’t be any worse than any other days of the week So this morning, even though I dreamt people were trying to murder me (creepy to the max), I got up and forced a smile on my face!  Something brilliant will happen if you’re open to it, right??

Well, it’s almost Monday afternoon now and nothing good’s happened yet but I’m keeping my hopes up and my outlook clear.

Tuesday on the other hand… ;-P


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