Freshly cut grass

I typed out a long and (I thought) entertaining blog post a few days ago and WordPress lost it! So I gave up… Defeatist talk, I know, but look I’m back! But anyway – long story short there is that I went to the dentist, she yelled at me for a while and I’m going to be spending $1300 there over the next 6 months. Grrr

I’m starting a gentle health kick. I know I’m very unhealthy – everyone who knows me knows how much I love pizza – but I do enjoy veggies, just not as often as I should. A friend of mine put me onto barley grass supplement powder so I thought I’d go granola and test it to see if it has any good effects. Apparently it has a range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (for example, 11 times as much calcium as cow’s milk) so I figure it’s worth a shot.

I’m on day three and the main thing I notice is that it makes me feel quite full so I’m not as hungry throughout the day. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, I guess I’ll need to make sure I don’t end up subsisting on supplements and lollies! It’ll probably balance out though and I’ll end up back at my usual food quantity once my body’s used to this stuff.

My only complaint really is the smell – like freshly cut grass. It’s really hard to drink freshly cut crass. It has no taste and no texture so that’s all good but I’m trying really hard to get past the ‘drinking a meadow’ feeling!

I went to see The Hunger Games last night! I loved it! I really enjoyed the book so it was always going to be a must-see for me. The movies are always slightly disappointing but I’ve come to accept that they pretty much have to be – I mean, hundreds of pages of detail and internal monologues just don’t translate well to 2 hours on screen. I know the story will be different and the characters won’t look the way I expect them to but I look forward to seeing someone else’s interpretation. This one wasn’t too bad – loved the characters (Seneca, Cinna-  call me!) and I bawled through the reaping, Rue’s death (and the uprising! Great scenes!) and the end.

And I munched through a whole packet of caramel popcorn. Good times, good times.


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