Eating like a champ

Okay, I admit it. I eat like a champ. Unfortunately, I’m not a champ sized human being! So recently I’ve been trying to find ways to curb my epic appetite. I don’t eat my feelings but I do eat my boredom. This can be anything from cheese to M&Ms to half a big tub of yoghurt and some salami (obviously). I’d just like to point out that what I just described there was what I like to call “Last Thursday afternoon”. This is blatantly unhealthy. I mean, I don’t need all this food, I really don’t. Even with the barley grass filling me up, I’m still eating when I’m bored.

This is combined with the fact that we’re often too lazy to cook after a big day at work so take out is big around here. Last night we had Indian – A vegetarian banquet for two, which we really didn’t need, including delicious starters and 4 curries with all the trimmings. I really felt it this morning. I was craving fruit (I never crave fruit) and I’m actually enjoying my barley drink (unheard of!). The thought of coffee made me feel ill (completely unheard of!) and most importantly – after a solid 8 hours I couldn’t remember what day of the week it was. This is highly significant! Normally, I wake up right onto it. I’m wide awake early, and even if I have some difficulty getting out of bed I’m normally pretty cognizant. Not after a big fatty meal though! I actually couldn’t even remember what day it was this morning. This only ever happens after a huge meal the night before, last night obviously fit the bill.

I’m thinking of combating this cycle of poor habits and choices with some serious measures.

That’s right, people, that’s right. I’m going for Healthy April. No take out April.

I’m really going to miss the pizza though!



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