30 Days Of Blogging Honesty: Day 3

Day 03 — Regardless of my current status, do I believe a person should save themselves for marriage…

I’m writing this for the second time because WordPress is playing with my head and losing my posts.

I come from a strictly Catholic family. It was difficult, and very hurtful, for my parents when 5 years ago I opted to LIVE IN SIN with my boyfriend instead of getting married.

That’s what they saw in my future. That’s what they still see, but whatever.

My parents forgave us, and we managed to move past it all. Years later I don’t regret a thing. I’m living the way I want to live with a man I adore – who I’m planning to spend the rest of my life with. If we weren’t still together, though, I wouldn’t regret what I opted to do.

For some people it’s an easier question – try before you buy – and I think that’s a valid choice. It’s not up to me to judge, and I do tend to think that the No Sex Before Marriage movement can encourage children to make a permanent move when they are horny and inexperienced which they may regret later. Marrying the wrong guy at 18 because you don’t see another choice can lead to pain and suffering later on – no matter what your religious beliefs, I’m not sure that’s what God had in mind for the sanctity of marriage.



  1. Mariana

    This is why I’m really glad that my parents aren’t very strict Catholics.
    Not too sure about my grandparents though. My grandma still wonders why I haven’t gotten married and started giving her more great grand babies. It doesn’t help that my cousin, who is just a couple of months older had a baby a few months ago. D:

    • Sleep and Salami

      The pressure thing never goes away though, right? We’re not getting baby questions but mum did ask me why I didn’t propose to him on Leap Day! She was completely serious about it, too.

      Fortunately, none of my close friends and family are getting married or havig children right now – I can only imagine what the comments would be like haha but if it’s not one expectation, they’re expecting something else 😀

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