Frosted glass

We were outside a couple of nights ago when we noticed that one of the neighbours behind us was in their bathroom.

Their bathroom has a frosted glass window but when the lights are on and it’s dark outside, the outline is surprisingly clear.

So this man was obviously naked.

He was also apparently very busy looking at something (I assumed it was his reflection in a mirror.)

Just before I turned away (We’re not pervs or peeping toms, this happened very quickly) he started doing squats with arm raises.

I stopped to watch because this was starting to get funny.

After a few fast reps he moved onto flexing side on.

Then flexing again.

Then flexing some more.

They say the things we do when we think no one can see us define who we are – I really hope my tiny window is a bit more discreet!



  1. TemptingSweets99

    That’s funny because I was doing some exercise in front of my window with my shade up and something told me to look up. I had the feeling I was being watched from the window across from me. I didn’t see anyone but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone was there and then blogged about what they saw. šŸ™‚

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