30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 10

Day 10 – The last time I snooped into something I wasn’t supposed to (like a medicine cabinet in a friend’s bathroom) I found…

Okay, this isn’t the last time because I don’t snoop purposefully but I do have a tendency to see and notice things (like if you open your drawer in front of me, I’ll spot something) but I don’t go actively looking for private information about people.

On this occasion though, I’d borrowed a friend’s laptop (we were all sitting there together) for a few minutes and when I tried to open the flash drive I’d inserted I noticed another oddly named drive.

So, I opened it.

Porn, folks. Dodgy, dodgy hilarious porn just blared out while everyone turned to stare.

I snooped and also managed to humiliate him by playing it really loudly.


Update: I have to clarify because on a second reading it seems meaner than it was – I didn’t realise what I was opening and I didn’t expect the drive to play a DVD at all, never mind something like that. When I say “oddly named”, I mean the name made no sense. The humiliation was unintentional but hilarious nonetheless.



    • Sleep and Salami

      It wasn’t intentional! The title wasn’t clear and I expected the drive to open and show me a file list that would indicate whether or not it was my memory stick, not for a dvd to suddenly start blaring.

      Fortunately, we’re close friends so he wasn’t publicly humiliated but I still get a guilty twinge.

    • Sleep and Salami

      I still feel guilty but fortunately it was the right group of friends for that to happen with – we don’t spread it around and we don’t mock – but I still feel guilty.

      Could have been his parents or something!

  1. PM

    fantastic story! i love it that you blared it out. now that is something you don’t get everyday! one strategy a friend once said is to rename the porn folder with boring or generic names so in case someone snoops it would be safe. šŸ˜‰

  2. theferkel

    I was cleaning a computer for a friend one time and when I deleted the contents of the temporary internet folder I noticed loads of pictures with a local big breasted celebrity. I asked my female friend if she likes her but she said no- she could not stand the sight of her.
    Scratching my head I looked at the pics, opened up a few and then she said:” … my boyfriend has been using my computer because his is broken… “.
    I quickly closed down the shots and erased the folder.
    She gave him a chewing later :)) (not my fault, he should have erased his traces)

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