30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 17

Day 17 — There are many mysteries in the universe. If there were one truth I could learn, it would be…

These questions are quite difficult aren’t they? I mean the answer for most of the questions would be the age-old internet classic “All of them!”

I want to know everything.

However, if I’m restricted to one mystery, I would like to know about souls and death.

(I’d like the freedom to expand my questions, into something of an essay format.)

How are they created? Where do they go? Do ghosts exist? Poltergeists? Are they angry/ happy/ sad/ lost/ vengeful?

What happens to us? Do we all meet again? Does hell exist? Is it personal or is it generic? Everyone gets fire and brimstone, or we all have a specially tailored nightmare?

So! Many! Questions!



  1. theferkel

    Well there’s one I can respond to: Poltergeists: these activities are usually created unconsciously by youngsters in the house that go through puberty or young adults that suffer from anxiety.
    They are not intentional and they usually suffer the damage from it.
    They say that the brain of pre-teens and peolpe with an anxiety disorder taken to the max works a bit differently, giving up brainwaves similar to those of telekinetic people, being able to move objects or make objects disappear. There was an issue at a Paranormal Research institute where every monday all the bulbs would blow off and the cleaning lady would get scratched and hurt. When she stopped coming to work, the bulbs were fine. When she returned, the bulbs blew out again. They finally pinpointed this to her and were able to test her. She was worried about losing her job and her worry escalated until it manifested itself.
    My advice from the British: Stay calm and carry on

  2. AnonymousBurn

    The answers to these questions would be fascinating, to be sure. I didn’t go this way myself because I don’t feel like there could be a definitive answer.It will still boil down to your beliefs and perception of the world around you, won’t it d’ya think? Trying to know the essence of life would be a bit like wasting a wish from a genie to me. But when you find out – I won’t kick you outta bed for trying to tell me 🙂 I’ll just profit from your answered questions and then fill you in on the secret of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser as well.

    • Sleep and Salami

      I think that’s part of the answer – is there a definitive answer or are we all right about what happens? Do you just get what you believed in? I don’t think it would be a waste but I do feel like I might not know what to do with the answers once I know them!

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