Bad things come in threes

So I’ve been struggling somewhat with the last month. I have never really though of April and May as having much personality – I’ve really considered them nothing months. I can’t remember anything good about them at all and in the last month I’ve decided part of that is because April SUCKS.

My family has had a rough time of it lately, there’ve been problems with my mum’s health (which we thought was improving but then took a turn for much worse), problems getting through a decent day at work without some major fuck ups, problems with focus and mood and finally, last night, the final straw.

The Mister went away for two days, two days where I had time to do some work comfortably, time to focus on spending some time with my mum. we share a car so it’s always easier when we don’t have to worry about each other’s transport needs. I also think he needed a bit of break – it’s going to be a difficult year and it’s nice that he’s rested and had some time to chill out. 

I was, however, thrilled to have him back on Sunday night. We curled up in bed and watched 127 Hours (nothing like something gory to really get you in the mood for a good night’s sleep!) after having put on a load of laundry. My plan was to slip the laundry into the dryer once it was done and do the folding in the morning. Halfway through the movie, we realised that the washing machine wasn’t going – I dragged my butt out of bed and restarted it. After the machine had been running for about another 10minutes, it stopped again. 

I started to get a sinking feeling. My brain was screaming “THIS IS NOT GOOD!” My head was thinking it couldn’t possibly be broken again (this front loader has a mouldy rubber seal (this is what happens when you lend it to a “friend” who doesn’t care for it appropriately) and a door that doesn’t close so it has to be tweaked with some scissors and wedged shut with a kick and a bucket (the first time I forgot to do that I came in just in time to see my knickers fly across the kitchen floor when the spin cycle started). I opened the door (foolishly) just to have a whole load of laundry water gush out over my tootsies. Naturally, I just stared at the water for about 5 seconds without closing it, so i used another 7 towels to dry up the mess. Around this time we started to notice a burning smell. 

Folks, it’s time for a new washing machine.

This sucks.

The timing is horrendous.

I don’t want to spend money on a new one but I really think we’ve stretched it out as long as we can with this bucket of bolts.

They say bad things come in threes but I’m way past that now. I hope amazing things happen in the rest of the year and I will be sending things out into the universe to make sure that they do! I’m generally a positive person but April has eroded that, the glass is definitely half empty right now.

It also only contains dirty washing water.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to hand wash last night’s laundry and wring it out manually for the dryer.




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