30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 26

Day 26: I would break the law to save a loved one if…

If the loved one had done something wrong, I wouldn’t do anything, but I would be all over it if they were in physical danger, major trouble or had been seriously hurt in some way.

I’d be all over the law like a rash. I’d cross the line so fast that the law would be a dot to me.

Doesn’t that sound terrible? It’s true though. I’d feel so guilty but I’d be doing it. I’d be terrified but I’d be there!







  1. AnonymousBurn

    I used to pay my brother’s court fees – when I was in college, had no money, and worked 4 jobs to pay for my groceries, insurance, and car payment…then one day, I set boundaries and showed up to give him moral support on days he was due in court. I did not rage against the law as my family did as though he did not willingly break the law. But the day my brother got his face pummeled by some coked-out good-for-nothing I stalked that effer down and threatened his life if he ever touched him again…there was a fury within me; no law could make me see reason.

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