It’s one of those days today 🙂 Things are picking up this week, they’re definitely better than they were last week 🙂 We bought a new washing machine (yay!) and I went out last night to sample some cocktails (Rum Daiquiri – should have been called a Yum Daiquiri! *badum-tisshhhhhh*)

This morning I don’t feel hungover, but I’m definitely tired – let me tell you, it’s really hard to study when you don’t feel with it. But I have data to collect! So I’m at work, collecting data and wasting my time with the internet in the meanwhile. Even that’s getting boring!

ImageThat’s all right though, that’s what WordPress is for! Yeah baby!



    • Sleep and Salami

      It’s amazing. It’s so beautiful. It’s so quick and the spin cycle is so much better! I know the other washing machine was old and crappy but this is just a huge difference!

      • TemptingSweets99

        Yeah, I bet it’s a huge difference. Like when I got my new T.V. It was a big difference, from my old one. 😀

      • Sleep and Salami

        I knew it wasn’t doing so well but I hadn’t realised how much the actually quality of the wash had deteriorated over the last year or so. Oh well, our bad experience has resulted in a much improved one!

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