Healthy April!

Healthy April actually went really well! I caved on three separate occasions (on two of those my mum made special requests while she was in hospital for Hell Pizza and KFC and I just ended up sharing them with her) and last night my best buds made us homemade pizza for dinner. It’s been a struggle because of all the time spent in hospital, followed by coming home late at night and still having to cook dinner.

I have whinged on here on a couple of separate occasions though that I’ve had a difficult time of the month of April (not the eating) and I’m starting to feel rather down about life in general.

My goal for the coming month is to be a lot more positive!

Merry May is going to include daily updates of:

  1. One thing that made me happy
  2. One thing I’m grateful for
  3. One thing I did for someone else

Here comes a whole new month folks, without the grumbling of the past one 🙂

I’m going to be so damn happy and cheerful I’m going to be farting rainbows.




  1. veehcirra

    I am sorry you are not in your happy place at the moment. Hope you feel better soon…

    Next month, am participating in a 3-week juicing clinic…it’s like am doing your April 😉

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