Romance, wine and Daniel-san

I’ve posted before about how Mr Sleep and Salami and I met, but I’ve never posted about our very first “adult” date.

We decided to get together, have some dinner and hang out in the spa. We were both still living at home at the time and he was expecting people to be out.

As it turned out, his step-father was very ill that evening so we were asked to avoid using the spa bath as it was right next to his bedroom and he needed some rest. Not put off in the least, he picked me up, we grabbed some wine and settled in with some dinner and a movie. I was so nervous!

I don’t drink very much, but I thought a glass or two wouldn’t go amiss – I ended up not drinking any wine at all. Unfortunately, he was so nervous that he managed to drink all the wine. Both bottles.

So for our first date, there we were watching Karate Kid and making awkward, jittery conversation.


Ahhhh, romance – you’re all jealous, I know it.

I didn’t realise how much he was drinking until he he stood up and tried to recreate a fight scene 🙂 Now, over the years it has become apparent that he just cannot do a reproduction crane kick like I can (Hiiii-yaaaah!), but he tried. With the glass of wine and his mum’s china cabinet on the receiving end. At that moment, I looked down to find the second bottle of wine was almost empty…


I started to wonder how I was supposed to be getting home if he was driving me? Forethought was not a strong point for either of us back then. We’re better now, I swear (Swearsies. No matter what you heard, it’s all lies).

After about another 5 minutes, he started to go quiet – I thought he might be falling asleep – when suddenly he stood up, managing to be both wobbly and nonchalant, and just casually sidled out the balcony door, shutting it quietly behind him.

I just sat there, slightly embarrassed, confused and no longer concentrating on the movie. This balcony was tiny and lead nowhere so it’s not like he was going anywhere, checking out the non-existent view or fetching something.

After about 5 minutes I ventured outside to find him spewing sheepishly and unattractively all over the garage roof. I realised then that I would need to call a taxi (too cheap) or stay over (I felt safe enough).

So I stayed, he slept the deep sleep of the intoxicated and the rest is, as they cheesily say, history.



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