Merry May 1: The Tuesday Cheers (Chuesday Cheers?)

What a beautiful day today! I thought traffic would be horrible, but it was super snappy, my patients were in a good mood this morning and things are generally looking up.

  1. One thing that made me happy – A friend asked me for coffee today so I had a lovely chatty hour this morning.
  2. One thing I’m grateful for – I have a a nice dinner out booked for tonight which I’m looking forward to immensely.
  3. One thing I did for someone else – This is just shameful – I can’t think of a single truly selfless thing I’ve done today. I helped a student by sending her some information she needed, but that wasn’t difficult. I’ve smiled at people, stopped for chats, held doors open but nothing that isn’t ingrained politeness. 

Hopefully tomorrow I do better! I thought I was a nice person but apparently I didn’t really go out of my way to do nice things  There could be an old lady who needs help crossing the road. A child who needs a helping  hand. People who need help leaving a burning building. So many things I could do.

I suppose it would just be silly to start a small fire for a good deed?

Thought so. Just checking.



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