Merry May 24: A brush with death!

  1. One thing that made me happy – Knowing I had the next day off work!
  2. One thing I’m grateful for – Sandwiches. I love sandwiches.
  3. One thing I did for someone else – Got out of bed, in my pajamas and spent 45 minutes driving around in the middle of the night to pick someone from a train station after a train delay.

Insane! Someone slipped off the platform and fell under the train today – unbelievably, the man survived with just a couple of scratches. I got all of this second hand as I’d been waiting for my boyfriend to come home (by train!) when he started freaking out over the phone about it – it happened right by his window and him and he and the conductor saw the whole thing. It took a fair while to sort it out and the lucky, LUCKY man was so drunk he probably didn’t even notice how close he came to losing his life but OMG.


I know I’m repeating myself but it was absolutely incredible. It really makes you think!




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