Shattering chaos

I had a slight incident this weekend where I broke the shower (How? I don’t know. I don’t know how I do these things).

I snapped the tap while turning it off – which lead to us being unable to turn off the shower.

When we first moved into our little fixer upper I also broke the shower slide right off so the shower head has been taped to the shower wall for a while. My screw up on Saturday mean that we ended up just changing the mixer and the slide. Now, the water points in the right direction, it’s hotter, it’s not 30 year old mouldy yellow plastic and the pressure is a bit more pleasant! Oh, and we (okay, he – I just act as a breaking catalyst to get things done around here) attached the new slide higher up so we don’t have to crouch to wet our heads.

All in all, I feel like I’ve really improved things around here.

This is a bit like the time I managed to break a tight key in the lock – this lead to the lock being changed and the keys didn’t stick anymore. Again! I majorly improved things for everyone.

No worries grateful folks, you can just leave the flowers at the door. The door I cracked when I pulled too hard after it swelled during the rainy season.

I have to stop breaking stuff.

Or things need to be more solidly built around me – yeah, that’s it.



  1. happyhippierose

    My cousin’s baby mama’s mother (did you catch that? haha) broke her shower last weekend and it was super scary!! She fell through the glass. So crazy to hear of not one, but two incidents so close together. I’m just glad you aren’t hurt.

    I’m clumsy as all get out, so I know how it goes… I feel like the anti-Midas. Nothing I touch turns to gold, it just breaks.

    Anyways, I love your blog, it’s always a fun read – so today over at my blog, I “tagged” you:

    Tag, you’re it! Now, if you so choose, you can respond on your blog and keep the tag moving. Have fun! =)

  2. koisevilla

    LOL nice post!

    Maybe you can make a business out of your habit of breaking things! You can be the go-to person for those better-halves who want to renovate but their guys are just too lazy or are always procrastinating to do it! :))

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