Weighty matters

I’m going to deviate slightly from my regularly scheduled programming to mention something I’m trying out with a friend. I’m giving a certain diet/ lifestyle change program a shot. Let’s call it “Mass Monitors” for the sake of hints without explicitly stating what I’m involved in.

I’m trying to use this to learn portion control and to learn how to rate my food a bit better. I’m not ding weigh-ins or anything like that, I’m just using the resources to see if I can make myself a bit healthier.

Things I’ve learnt:

  • YAYYYYYY Cottage cheese!
  • What the hell, scones? I thought we were mates! You’re so not worth it! Sadly, our acquaintance ends here.
  • Salami. Salami, salami, salami. alas, poor Salami! Am I going to have to change my blog name?? Jeepers. 
  • My peanuts and raisins healthy snack treat – best we not speak of that.


This was just after two days! On the plus side, I thought I might be hungry or something but I’m not at all – although it does turn out that I was kidding myself about portion sizes… oh well! 




  1. susartandfood

    It’s so annoying to be provided all this lovely food and finding out we can’t enjoy it. All things in moderation, Susie. Sorry, talking to myself. Good luck.

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