Lost and found

So, we found a wallet at work today. Dropped under the seat in the waiting room by an elderly patient.

I suggested we open the wallet, check the driver’s id and cross-reference it to the patient list so we could ring the person.

I was accused of:

  1. Being nosy.
  2. Invading people’s privacy.
  3. Being rude.
  4. Being “young”.
  5. Being too impulsive.

Are you serious? I mean, what the heck?

What are you supposed to do?????? (Angry question marks!) Have I been breaking some major wallet etiquette all my adult life? Can you imagine losing your wallet and never finding it because some total numpty refused to open it in order to protect your “privacy”.


The ludicrous thing was that I was the only person in a room of 5 that thought this was odd. Then they spent 30 minutes alternating between berating me and condescending to me.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that the roof did not lift clean off with the force of my eye rolls.





  1. Sweet as a Picture

    Umm… So, how were you supposed to find out the owner of the wallet if you were not supposed to open the wallet and do a little research to locate the person? That’s an odd reaction your co workers had to your very sane suggestion. Oh well, I guess they must all have some kind of special sensibilities to allow to find out the owner’s name without opening the wallet. Wait don’t tell me — x-ray vision or some kind of mind melt talent? Did one of them put the wallet to their forehead and see the owner’s name. LOL! Don’t pay any attention to them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Sleep and Salami

      I don’t pay much attention to them actually – I’m thinking they probably sense that haha!

      But, honestly? Is the guy supposed to provide a very specific description of a plain, black wallet? Double eww tee eff.

      Fortunately, the internet as always provides me with sensible people!

  2. Cailtin

    Or even if the person came in to claim it. How could they be so sure the wallet was his without at least knowing who it belonged to. They must have been so condescending because they secretly to, thought the same thing, but when one person shot it down, they had to go with the majority because most people are sheeps. But anywho, done with my rant, hope he finds his wallet, and just know, I joined your team. Haha

    • Sleep and Salami

      I’m just so glad I’m not alone!

      They’re such an odd bunch, sometimes I really do need to be reminded that I’m not the only one who probably thinks they’re bonkers…

      Still eye rolling and shaking my head at the lot of them.

  3. Mariana

    I don’t think you understand. Back in their day people were never careless enough to lose their wallets and if they did they were sensible enough to know exactly where they were. ๐Ÿ˜›

    Honestly though, as long as they don’t take anything out of the wallet I wouldn’t mind if someone opened mine. I’d rather have it back!

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