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Community Network Meme 2012

I’m very happy to be participating in the Community Network Meme this year! Thanks to Tom from Morning Erection for getting me into this, it’s been great fun.

I’m going to try and see everyone’s and comment this morning but it is a Monday morning here, so forgive me if it’s patchy and delayed 🙂

My answers:

1. When you were a child what was the hardest or scariest thing in the world (i.e. movie, book, chore, etc.) to you that as an adult is neither hard nor scary?

Going to the toilet in the dark! I used to be really terrified – obviously, now, going to the loo is not a problem. Sort of. Almost always.

(I’ve always had an active imagination!)

It’s not so much the using the toilet in the dark as the flushing and then leaving the room – who knows what’s going to come after you?

Now I’ve said too much. Although, is it any worse than me checking for axe murderers in the back seat of the car at night? oops, right, now I’ve said too much.

2. If you were offered the chance to be a cooking star on a Food Network show, which of these three would you choose for a mentor: Bobby Flay, Giada de Laurentis or Alton Brown?

I’m not terribly familiar with them, but Giada always looks like she’d be good for a laugh 🙂

3. What is your favorite theme offered by your blogging platform that you are not using and what theme do you absolutely hate? Provide links to both along with your explanation.

Okay, I hope I don’t offend anyone but I hate this one:


(I hope I linked that correctly!)

It’s just too busy and I hate the colours and I just don’t like looking at it!

I love this one:


I like how clean and neat it is, I love the structure! I really just like looking at it 🙂

If I had any talent for design though, I’d do my own and it would be full of fantastically fantabulous primary colours.

4. Who is someone from your past that you are sorry you lost track of?

Sadly, there are so many people here. The main one is my best friend from grade 1 – Gisele, I wish like hell I could remember your surname to look you up! I think about you often!

5. What would you take to a deserted island?

I guess it would be cheeky to say a communication device?? Yes? Okay, fine, if you’re going to like that I’d definitely take a knife (and maybe some sunscreen)!

6. If you could get into the mind  of anyone (living or dead) and read all their thoughts, whose mind would you choose to raid?

I don’t want to know anyone I actually know’s thoughts – that would end badly for me, I’m sure. I think I would love to find out what Barack Obama is thinking though! That’d be worth a  look 🙂

7. What are the entire contents of the top drawer of the table directly next to your side of the bed?

Contraceptive pills, 3D movie glasses, an alice band, The Quest (by Wilbur Smith – in hardcover), a little Angela Daniel jewellery bag (empty), a pair of sparkly earrings and a crumpled up tissue.

8. What is the one thing you have in your dorm, apartment, or house that you never want your parents to find.

My backpack full of bedroom “accessories” *blush blush*

9. Your daughter is having a sleepover for her 12th birthday. Around 8:00 pm a thunderstorm knocks out power. How do you entertain twelve pre-teen girls when all the cell-phone batteries have died?

The same way I was entertained when that happened! Board games by candle light 🙂
10. What aspect/trait about your personality are you most sensitive about (as in, you wouldn’t stand anyone criticizing about this one aspect)?

Oooooh I’m so sensitive about so many things, but I’m usually all right with people criticising – I’ll just cry about it afterwards -but I guess the main thing is my intelligence. I may be many things, but I’d hope stupid isn’t one of them.

11. Mr. Tom Baker has had two previous virtual nude dinner parties. He is now inviting you, his blogger friends to his home for a real nude dinner party. This is not a virtual dinner party; it is the real thing with all expenses paid and the usual five course dinner prepared by him. Will you or will you not be present at said nude party?

I don’t think I could handle it – Sorry Tom, I’m sure your five courses are delicious! I’m all for private nudity but I get all nervy (and not in a good way!) at the thought of everyone else seeing me.

12. What one piece of movie memorabilia from which movie would you love to own? my answer –

Ooooooh tough cookies, I know it’s not a movie but owning a Tardis would be pretty cool. Maybe a Delorean? Wait! One of the Top Gun planes! I’m assuming money is no object here.

13. If literary characters were real and you could interview any one of them, who would it be and what’s the first question you would ask?

Taita from River God (by Wilbur Smith) – the first thing I would ask is how he got there! I realise that Wilbur Smith has come up twice already in these answers, I’m not sure what to say about that, really.

14. If you had to choose a theme song for yourself from only the Classical genre, which song would it be?

Lux Aeterna, by Clint Mansell

15. What is your most quirky habits.

I talk to myself. Constantly. Internal monologue becomes external a lot. Thsi would be fine if I didn’t start laughing at my own silent jokes in public a lot. I shoot for sexy and mysterious, people think I’m weird.

16. When was the last time you took the time to act like a child and what did you do?

I made airplane noises while eating my cereal. Koff *this morning* koff.

17. If there was ever a past relationship, (friend or otherwise), that you could go back and mend, would you? Who would it be with, and why?

No, the only relationships I’ve lost have been lost for a reason.

18. What would you do if all of your followers left comments daily and would be it be too much for you to handle? Would you hire someone to answer comments for you?

I’d probably keep trying until I couldn’t anymore, then I’d start being selective. I wouldn’t ever hire anyone unless the blog became bigger than my daily life and started paying the bills, you know? Which it won’t.

Unless you guys want it to, huh? *wink wink nudge nudge*

19. Do you know how far back your ancestry goes on either side of your family tree? How far?

Oh, no idea! I could find out I guess, but I’d have to go halfway across the world! Although – it was fantastic at age 14 to travel to the US, to Ellis Island and see my grandfather’s name in the book. It was quite emotional – or about as emotional as a 14 year old can handle!

20. If you could compare yourself to anything in the universe, what would you compare yourself to? Why?
– For instance, someone might choose the Phoenix because it’s reborn from its ashes, Someone who derives strength from pain and failures and tries to rise above them all might select the Phoenix.

This is unbelievably difficult, I don’t knooooooooooooooooow. Obviously how I see myself is not quite how others see me? In my head I’m a bit like Ananke – compulsion, necessity, destiny – I feel like I get myself onto a roller coaster and I just can’t stop sometimes.


30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Very late dare!

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Dear Sleep and Salami,

I know you better now than you know yourself – but even then there are questions I can’t answer for you. I’ll try but I think there might be things neither of us are meant to know. This letter is going to be a bit of a jumble but hopefully it makes sense 😉

Life’s a bit difficult for you right now, I know. You have amazing friends, amazing parents but something just doesn’t quite feel right. You wish you were more glamorous, you wish you were cooler than you think you are. You obsess over people’s throwaway criticisms, never entirely sure what you’re doing wrong or what you do that’s so different to everyone else.

Sadly, that feeling won’t change for quite some time. You will struggle to fit in, you’ll try to change yourself to fit in. You will be “cool” for a short period of time but that skin won’t fit – you’ll try so hard to make it fit, but it won’t. It’ll itch, irritate and you will be forced to shed it for your more natural demeanour. As you try to find yourself, your relationship with your parents and your family will erode until you slowly build it back up. You will always regret the pain you cause them – but it will be essential in shaping you.

Eventually it will become clear that the people who you are the most comfortable with are those that like you the way you are. The ones that appreciate your goofiness, your sense of humour, your almost Bridget Jones-like ability to screw things up. These people will think of you as sensible, intelligent. Your best friend will one day tell you that she looks up to you and constantly wonders what you would do in certain situations (WWS&SD). You’ll never quite understand it, and honestly for years and years you’ll suffer from “Imposter syndrome” where you keep expecting someone to pop out of the woodwork, pointing their fingers and accusing you of being absolutely useless.

The dreams you have at the moment won’t come true. The fact of the matter is that you will continue to be a champion procrastinator. Even now, I am procrastinating by writing you this letter. This habit will interfere with you actually doing as well as you’d hoped. Your family will be consistently disappointed in the fact that you won’t do what they wanted for you because you’re too busy drinking and partying and trying desperately to be “cool”. Instead, you will forge another path altogether. You will stop being a party animal and will settle. You will manage, somewhat miraculously, to pull some amazing feats out of your ass overnight and become successful in your chosen path. A different path, but one which will allow you freedom – of thought, time and space. You will work hard. Unbelievably so at times, but you’ll also spend a lot of time fluffing around and (there’s that word again!) procrastinating. It will become clear to you in your late twenties that you need to stop fighting your short attention span embrace projects that are not long-term binding contracts (you’re built for short bursts of energy and work, accept this and things will become easier for you) – and you’ll start searching for something that suits your personality.

You will initially find romance difficult – as with those fragile false friendships, you will try to change yourself and that will be too difficult. It’s just not sustainable. You will find your soul mate young, although it’s only in hindsight that you’ll realise how lucky you are. It will take some time to settle into a comfortable relationship, but you will come to accept how important it is and how happy that comfort makes you. Peace and contentment will be within your reach.

The only thing that will keep surprising you is others’ perception of you.

It turns out that no matter how shy, embarrassed, inadequate you feel, people will always think of you as “stuck up”. you will eventually start accepting this and running with it. Stick your nose in the air and fuck ’em! At one point someone will tell you, in a rather spiteful fit, that you think you’re better than everyone else.

They couldn’t be more wrong, and they’ll reduce you to tears, but years later you’ll look back and realise that actually – you are better than that person. You’ll realise you don’t need to impress people like that. You’ll realise you have all you need and you’ll know whose opinion matters.

It might not always seem like it, but you’ll be absolutely fine. Your most important relationship is always going to be with yourself – as long as you remember that, you’re good to go!

There’s always room for improvement, though 😉


30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 29

Day 29 – My television is showing the same show on every channel. I really don’t mind watching ________ (from the 1960s) and I really love this show because…

I wasn’t sure if any shows I liked when I was younger were from the 60s! I had to do some research but I realised a few of them were actually 60s reruns! 🙂

Of course, because I only watched 60s reruns when I was a kid, they were all cartoons.

Bugs Bunny, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Yogi Bear. I can and still watch those sometimes, my Dad just loved them and I still think they’re hilarious so when he puts them on we sit there and have a giggle together 🙂

Good times, good times…

Sunshine on my window

Makes me happy, like I should be!

Thanks to Turber for the Sunshine Award 🙂 This is lovely! Go check out the blog if you haven’t before – definitely makes me laugh!

  1. What is your favorite color? This is a rough one – love black, love primary colours. This is probably more about nice contrasts for me than actual colours.
  2. What is your favorite animal?I have to admit that I love my kitties so right now that’s my favouraite animal – I’m flaky though, so that might change!
  3. What is your favorite number? Thirteen – although I had a really horrendous Friday the 13th this month so I’m a little cranky with the number right now. 
  4. What is your favorite non-alcoholic drink? Depends on my mood, anything from water to green tea to lime milkshakes. Oh, and Coke (not that kind! Get your mind out of the gutter!)  and I have a long and deep relationship. 
  5. Do you prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook. I’m a crappy twittererer? Tweeter? I suck at tweetling? Tweetation is not my strong point? See, I can’t even speak the language.
  6. What is your passion? I am very passionate about procrastination. I’d be more passionate about it but I’m easily distractSQUIRREL!
  7. Do you prefer getting or giving presents? I kind of adore both. I get equally excited…
  8. What is your favorite pattern? 
  9. What is your favorite day of the week? The ones that end with a wander around the shops and dinner out. They’re few and far between, unfortunately!
  10. Favorite flower? Forget-me-nots. I used to pick them every day in our gardens in high school and stick a sprig to my blazer – I’d still do that if I saw some but I haven’t seen any in years!


I don’t have very much blogging experience so I’m only going to nominate 5 bloggers:

Tempting Sweets

Walking the Labyrinth

The Ferkel


Tom Baker

30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 28


Day 28 — If I could do one thing that is socially unacceptable and know I would not be judged, I would…

One?? Only one thing????

Decisions, decisions…

I’ve pondered this for a few days and I’m really struggling.

I’m probably going to go with skinny dipping/ nude sunbathing at the beach.

It’s largely considered socially unacceptable here but I’d really like to do it just once.

I know what I’m like though, I’ll be terrified at the time and I’d be really nervous that people would laugh or call the police or make a big deal which would draw even more attention my way and then that would just ruin the whole experience!

But yeah, definitely just once in my life I’d like to know what it feels like.

30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 27

Day 27 — I have an inner voice, and if a friend spoke to me the way my inner voice does at times, I would…

The answer to this popped into my head straight away and it made me a bit sad.

I’d probably end the friendship. I have to remind myself sometimes that constantly criticising and being hard on myself is not good enough and that I should be my own best friend. I would never talk to my friends the way I talk to myself and I wouldn’t accept someone as a friend who would consistently put me down. My friends are cheerleaders! They’re supportive, happy people – I need to be more like that to myself!

30 Days of Blogging Honesty: Day 26

Day 26: I would break the law to save a loved one if…

If the loved one had done something wrong, I wouldn’t do anything, but I would be all over it if they were in physical danger, major trouble or had been seriously hurt in some way.

I’d be all over the law like a rash. I’d cross the line so fast that the law would be a dot to me.

Doesn’t that sound terrible? It’s true though. I’d feel so guilty but I’d be doing it. I’d be terrified but I’d be there!